inundacionesThe rain and flooding in Peru is terrible.

And, as always, the first to suffer and the worst affected are the poor.

In the slums where we work, the families of the children of CANAT have lost their houses and all their meager belongings, and are starting to be affected by dengue, a water-borne illness. We are very scared.

But we forge on. We are living very difficult times, but the most important thing is that we are working together, taking care of each other. We are united to help relieve the suffering of those around us.

We are planning to build houses for those families who have lost everything. We can build a house for one family with about $540 (500 euros), and furnish it for $100. The funds will go to materials, and CANAT volunteers and the families themselves will be doing the building.

If you can lend a helping hand, if you would like to help these families who have lost everything get back up and start building a new life, please donate.

Below are the details to send a bank transfer to CANAT:

Currency: US Dollars

Banking institution: Banco de Crédito del Perú
Av Grau #133
Piura – Perú

Account number: AH- 475-12172567-1-80

Swift code: Código: BCPLPEPLXXX

To reach out to CANAT directly:

Directora: Gabriela Rentería Hernández

Jr Huancavelica 1134 Piura-Perú
Tel: 0051 73 308400

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